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Succulent Pork

Heritage British Breeds

Pork from our own Great British Saddleback and Large Welsh pigs. Slow grown pork from happy, free-range pigs reared by us at Little Ellis Farm, Chobham, Surrey.

New for Christmas - Italian-style Porchetta

This is the loin and belly pork butterflied and stuffed with gorgeous fresh herbs, garlic and salt and black pepper. Absolutely stunning! £4.99 per lb.

Leg of pork joints, perfect for roasts, at £3.99/lb

Leg of Pork Weight Price Feeds
Boneless whole-leg joints 10lbs £39.99 10 – 12
Boneless half-leg joints 5lbs £20.00 5 – 6

*All weights and feeding guides are approximate

Pork spare rib joints from the best part of the shoulder at £3.50/lb

Pork spare rib Weight Price Feeds
Rolled spare rib of pork 8lbs £28.00 8 – 10
Half a rolled spare rib of pork 4lbs £14.00 5 – 6

*All weights and feeding guides are approximate

Rolled sirloin of pork. Two boneless loins of pork rolled together to form a round joint, easy to carve with crackling all round at £4.99/lb

Rolled sirloin of pork Weight Price Feeds
Rolled sirloin of pork 4lb joint £20.00 6
Rolled sirloin of pork 6lb joint £30.00 8
Rolled sirloin of pork 8lb joint £40.00 10

*All weights and feeding guides are approximate

Belly pork at £3.99/lb

Belly pork Weight Price
Whole joint on the bone 6 lbs £24.00
Half joint on the bone 3 lbs £12.00

*All weights are approximate

Other Pork

Other pork Price/lb Price/kg
Pork chops £4.99 £11.00
Pork steaks £4.99 £11.00
Casserole pork £2.99 £6.60
Belly slices £3.99 £8.80

*All weights approximate

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