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Fresh free range turkeys

Delivered direct from the local farm

This Christmas, try one of our proper free-range turkeys traditionally slow grown on our farm. Our turkeys are dry plucked and hung for ten days for a traditional, rich flavour.

We produce the finest Kelly Bronze, Bourbon Red and Norfolk Black turkeys. They are fed on lush grass, apples, corn, cereal – and no GM foods whatsoever.

All of our turkeys are priced at £6.60/lb (£14.52/kg).

Weight Price Feeds
11lbs 5kg £72.60 7-9
12lbs 5.4kg £79.20 8-10
14lbs 6.3kg £92.40 10-12
15lbs 6.8kg £99.00 12-14
16lbs 7.2kg £105.60 14-16
17lbs 7.9kg £112.20 16-18
19lbs 8.6kg £125.40 18-20
20lbs 9.1kg £132.00 20-22

*All weights and feeding guides are approximate

Also available: boneless crowns of tender turkey breast fillet. Easy to carve! Sold by weight at £7.50/lb (£16.67/kg).

Weight Price Feeds
6lbs 2.7kg £45.00 6-8
10lbs 4.5kg £75.00 10-12
12lbs 5.5kg £90.00 12-14

*All weights and feeding guides are approximate

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